Signs labeling locations on a mountain in Voss, Norway.

Sustainable Tourism Practices You Should Start Embodying

Sustainable, zero-waste, eco-tourism, environment-friendly: these are all buzzwords that have become so commonly used in the content we consume, that it can be hard for us to determine what is authentic or what is advertising. But when it comes to travel, there’s no debate that the actions of people have affected the climate, ecosystems, wildlife, landscapes and indigenous citizens immensely.

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A group of people rafting in a rough river near the mountains.

How to Get in Shape Before Your Norwegian Adventure Vacation

Adventure vacations can be an opportunity for the more rugged travelers to push their boundaries, explore new landscapes, and go on a journey of self-discovery. There’s often a moment that occurs when you’re face to face with a challenge, whether that be a technical trail, large rapid, or steep climb in front of you. With only your own four limbs to help you through it, it is the perfect place to test your own limits and strength.

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A view of a valley next to snowy mountains with a town in it at night.

Cultural Immersion & Ski Trips

Eyes growing wide with anticipation as they gaze upon the surrounding snow-covered Norwegian mountains, your excitement builds as your mind fills with fantasies of perfect powder conditions, steep lines, and beautiful backcountry trails. But while multiple days of a Norway ski adventure may be all you’ve ever dreamed of, the secret spice you have yet to taste, the one that turns incredible experiences into magical ones, is none other than cultural immersion.

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