The type of sunset that can be seen on the slopes in Voss, Norway.

How to Make the Most of Your Norway Ski Tour

For those looking to take in the beauty of the natural world, experience a unique culture or take on a thrilling adventure, your next vacation may be well spent enjoy a ski tour with Outdoor Norway. Ski touring is well known in places like France and Austria, but lesser visited Norway boasts incredible mountains and fjords, including countless quaint and cozy local villages to stop at along the way.

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Enjoying some exciting splash-action while rafting in the river’s surrounding Voss.

3 Things to Look Forward to in Voss for Nature Lovers


At first glance, Voss is well known as the adventure mecca or Norway. However, its rolling hills, stoic mountains and green pastures also provides a peaceful haven for nature-lovers. Located at the edge of Vestland, the western-most region of the country, this beautiful mountain town is considered to lay at the heart of Fjord Norway, one of the most scenic, idyllic locations in the world.

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Are you looking for something out of the ordinary that will challenge your mind, body and spirit? Do you want to get wet, ride waves, and learn to navigate whitewater? Then sit down, fasten your skirt, and hold on tight: river kayaking in Voss, Norway, may just be your new hobby.

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Voss has become a central player in the world of outdoor adventure activities. Rafting is by far at the top of the list, standing as a family-friendly adventure for all ages. Choose between canoeing, flow rafting or whitewater rafting, and enjoy Voss from a new perspective!

MTB Norway


Norway has all the ingredients for an awe-inspiring singletrack mountain bike adventure. Soon a 7-day adventure-packed itinerary that not only showcases amazing singletrack, but also paddling and culinary  experiences.

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Blog written by Sanne Boertien & Herbert Schröer during an autumn visit.
September we had the great opportunity to go and discover Fjord Norway! This beautiful region in Norway is well known for its fjords, mountains, glaciers and many outdoor activities.

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