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Nice waves, no crowd.

For those who always want to experience the uniqueness of Brazil, we can offer a magical journey filled with excitement, adventure and a lot of surfing time!

In Rio de Janeiro, our guide will meet you at airport where we start our roadtrip.

After 2 days in Rio to chill and feel the marvellous big city atmosphere, we will head to Paraty to spend most of our time on the gorgeous Green Coast with pristine beaches. 

Ilha Grande is the right place for ecotourism and the island is noted for its scenic beauty, unspoilt tropical beaches, luxuriant vegetation and rugged landscape.

On the boat trip we do stops for surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and snorkelling with fish, turtles and the immense marine life dwelling in the emerald waters. If we’re lucky, we might even see some whales or dolphins!

This is the best Boat & Roadtrip to discover a world of contrast, charming colonial heritage sites, fishing villages and to explore tropical islands by boat.

Airfare not included. You must fly to Rio de Janeiro International airport (GIG). Rio de Janeiro is the second biggest city in Brazil.
Outdoor Norway will be offering pick-up service from the Rio de Janeiro International Airport and take care of all transportation during the trip.
5 days on road & 6 days by boat.
Over 8 nights we will stay in 4 different beach lodges in large twin rooms. All accommodations offer clean and fresh bedding with wifi, television and other amenities.
Wild Part: For 2 nights we will stay at a fisherman’s house. Here you’ll feel the luxury of a simple life in a paradisiac beach. This is not available in the real estate market!
Good breakfast is included in our accommodation.
Lunches and dinners are not included. In the evenings we will go out together to eat in some local delicious restaurants in beautiful places that we have pre-booked. There is vast range of tasty and exotic cuisine.
At wild part of the trip there is an exemption. All meals will be included for this 3-day period. The first night, we will head to a local family home of natives to have a traditional meal. In the two other nights our staff will cook a nice fisherman meal and exclusive Brazilian BBQ.
Our friendly and experienced guides will make sure to take care of you during all the days you are on the trip. Your task is to focus on the surf, outdoor activities, enjoy barbecues and have a great time, and our task is to ensure that this happens.
Surfing: The size of the beaches means that there are few different spots to surf. You should not have to keep track of which one is best for the day – your guide solves everything and will advise the right spot according your level and expectations for the day. If you want a break from surfing, you can take afternoons to go snorkelling or SUP paddling at sunset.
This trip fits those who desire something totally new, a classic colonial city tour & an adventure surf trip. A Boat & Roadtrip with cool people will create a lovely community to take home or to the office. Cosy evenings, early mornings in the lineup, wonderful beach and wild life is sure to make you want to do it all again.
If you have never handled a surfboard before, join us on this surf trip and remember to add surf lessons in your package which also includes the surfboard rental. With this, we’ll coach everything from scratch. If you have a couple of weeks surfing in your luggage you’re welcome because there is a perfect chance to improve, and if you can already surf well, then just run our basic package and get tips and tricks from the guide along the way.
The concave shape of these beach-breaks make surf possible for all levels. The beach corners and water channels are often a favourable place for learning and improving due the friendly waves, while the outside is perfect for an advanced surfing level.
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Part I – Rio de Janeiro
Day 1 – Arrive in Rio, pick up at the airport & drive to lodge in Barra da Tijuca. Evening beach tour.
Day 2 – Morning surfing. Afternoon sightseeing with option to go for a paraglider tandem flight if weather is good. Evening transfer Rio to Paraty.
Part II – Paraty
Day 3 – Roadtrip to surf on a deserted beach, a true paradise reached in 45 minutes by car followed by 20 minutes of walking trail. Evening tour in historical colonial city of Paraty.
Day 4 – Roadtrip to surf and visiting the Village of Trindade. Afternoon waterfall bath and visit to a local native Indians village. Evening tour in historical colonial city of Paraty.
Part III – Emerald Coast, Ecological Reserve of Joatinga
Day 5 – Boat-trip into Mamanguá fjord with stop to swim, snorkel, relax and eat. Activities such as snorkelling followed by hiking to Mamanguá’s Peak. Afternoon SUP/Canoe to the Mangrove or snorkelling
Day 6 – Boat trip to a deserted beach for surf and SUP. Inhospitable place only accessible by boat or a day hiking. There is only one house at this place – a fisherman’s house, which we will stay in. 
Day 7 – Morning and afternoon surf. Hiking is an optional activity.
Part IV – Ilha Grande (Big Island)
Day 8 – Boat trip to Ilha Grande – longest boat ride, up to 3 hours. Afternoon Surf and SUP in Aventureiros beach. Overnight at Abraão Beach.
Day 9 – Morning hike 6km to access a deserted beach to surf. The return in the afternoon is made by boat. Overnight at Abraão Beach.
Day 10 – This is a flexible day and we have two good options to choose from as a group. We will do as the group majority desire.

Day 11 – Chill breakfast then leave Ilha Grande at 11am. Transfer to Rio Airport.

  • 1 Night in Rio de Janeiro.
  • 3 Nights in Paraty
  • 1 Night in Mamanguá
  • 2 Nights in our Secret Spot
  • 3 Nights in Ilha Grande


Paraty and the Protection Area of Cairuçu is located at State of Rio de Janeiro close on the border with the State of São Paulo, in Brazil. At sea, its area covers 63 islands. Within this Protection is the Joatinga Ecologic Reserve, the Paraty-Mirim Ecological Park and two Indian reservations with their respective villages (Araponga and Paraty-Mirim).

Ilha Grande: a very nice and decently sheltered bay in itself, Lopez Mendez Beach is supposedly the most beautiful in Brazil, as ranked by Vogue Magazine. However, there are still around 100 unspoilt beaches around the Island so you can decide yourself which one is the most beautiful! The seas around the island, which are also protected, feature a unique convergence of tropical, subtropical and temperate-zone marine life and may be the only waters in the world where it is possible to see corals and tropical fish along with Magellanic penguins and southern right whales.
Once you have completed this trip there is no urge to go home; after 12 days the risk is that some colleagues will be staying on the beach while the rest of you go back to Norway.
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04th April 2020 to 14th April 2020
28th Sept 2020 to 09th October 2020


Book a private trip and you can do this existing itinerary as listed and pick your preferred dates.
NOK 19.450,00
50% payment at booking, 50% payment 5 weeks after the booking date.
To book your spot on this trip, click on one of the booking links bellow to put down your 50% deposit. The deposit is fully refundable for 14 days after booking, giving you 2 weeks to sort out flights, vacation time, etc… and not worry about someone else take your spot(s)!
Rio de Janeiro International Airport (GIG).
We do not book international flights for our guests. A great tool to view different flight options at the best available rates is Google Flights or Skyscanner.
Flights from Norway to Rio including return usually cost around NOK. 5.500,00 to 7.500,00
Flights from most European countries to Rio usually cost in between €450,00 to €700,00
Travel time from the intercontinental European airports to Rio de Janeiro Airport is in between 10 to 11 hours.
We will be offering airport pick-up from the Rio de Janeiro International Airport on Day 1 at 2:00 p.m. The pick up point is at the end of the arrivals lane, where our Guides will be holding a sign with our company name on it.
It is imperative that you are there on time, at 2:00 p.m. sharp! It is 50 a minute drive to the Lodge.
We do not offer airport pick-up prior to Day 1 or outside of the scheduled time listed above. There is a hotel beside the airport, and taxi and Uber service works well in Rio.
This Ride ends in the afternoon of Day 11.
On Day 11, your guides will be doing drop-offs at Rio de Janeiro International Airport at 3:00 p.m.
If staying a few extra days, there are many hotels in Rio.
Drop-offs will be offered on Day 11 only.
All travellers require a valid passport (with a minimum of 6 months validity). Brazil apply the reciprocity law so European passport have 90 days to stay as tourist without the need to apply for a Tourist Visa.
Please visit the MD Travel Health website and navigate to your destination country for information about any vaccinations you may require prior to travelling, or please visit your local travel clinic for the most up to date information.
The Brazilian currency is the Real ( R$ ). For the latest currency exchange information use a Currency Exchange Calculator.
Generally, the best way to get local currency is to use local ATMs when you arrive. The local banks will charge you a small fee to do this, and the exchange rate is very low. We’d reccommend coming with Euro, US dollar or British Pound, as these are easy to exchange at the airport. Visa and Mastercard are accepted at all places.
For additional information about travelling in Brazil, visit:
Internet is available in most of the accommodations. We’re glad to inform you that in the wild part of the trip there will be no better connection than Nature.
Good mobile G4 signal & coverage in roads and towns.
Aside from lunches and dinners, there are no required additional expenses for this trip, but you might like to take spending money for such things as souvenir shopping and nightlife.
Laundry is available in 2 nights. Please talk to your Guides to arrange.
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[av_gmap_location address=” city=’Praia do Abraão, Ilha grande’ country=’Brasil’ long=’-44.228944100000035′ lat=’-23.1520839′ marker=” imagesize=’20’ tooltip_display=” av_uid=’av-e46k8d’][/av_gmap_location]
[av_gmap_location address=’ R. Antônio Lapa Malvão, s/n’ city=’Paraty’ country=’Brasil’ long=’-44.71285360000002′ lat=’-23.2152494′ marker=” imagesize=’40’ tooltip_display=” av_uid=’av-bxkwy5′][/av_gmap_location]
[av_gmap_location address=’Av Lucio Costa, 3150 Barra da Tijuca’ city=’Rio de Janeiro’ country=’Brasil’ long=’-43.3269775′ lat=’-23.0111727′ marker=” imagesize=’20’ tooltip_display=” av_uid=’av-b1oict’][/av_gmap_location]
[av_gmap_location address=” city=’Saco do Mamangua’ country=’Brazil’ long=’-44.61477209999998′ lat=’-23.2634485′ marker=” imagesize=’20’ tooltip_display=” av_uid=’av-98potp’][/av_gmap_location]
[av_gmap_location address=’Praia do Grumari’ city=’Rio de Janeiro’ country=’Brasil’ long=’-43.52638890000003′ lat=’-23.0472222′ marker=” imagesize=’20’ tooltip_display=” av_uid=’av-79ttjh’][/av_gmap_location]
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Paraty is a small town backed by mountains on Brazil’s Costa Verde, between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Its Portuguese colonial center has cobbled streets and 17th- and 18th-century buildings dating back to its time as a port, during the Brazilian Gold Rush. Among its architectural landmarks is the waterfront Capela de Santa Rita, a whitewashed church built in 1722. Once Brazil’s primary port during the era of the Portuguese empire, Paraty marked the final destination of the Estrada Real that snaked down from Minas Gerais: a money trail of gold, diamonds and coffee on its way to Europe. In a bid for greater efficiency, the route was then changed to Rio and Paraty slipped off the radar. Accessible only by boat and surrounded by thick tropical forest, the small fisherman’s colony was left to its own devices amongst the colonial mansions and cobbled streets until the Rio-Santos road was built in the 1970s and put it back on the map. After the first trickle of visitors from Sao Paulo arrived to rent rooms in fisherman’s houses, word quickly caught on about the perfectly preserved colonial streets and abundant natural beauty and Brazilian captains of industry were soon staking out their spots on the 63 virgin islands that stretch along the coast to Angra.

Ecological Reserve of Joatinga 
Ecological Reserve of Joatinga. Practically deserted coast, great fishing, a beach bar or 2, a pond, forested shores, white beaches where you will have the privilege to see fishermen’s traditional lifestyle. Some sailors stay here for weeks.
In most of the season from October to April, the weather is hot, averaging between 22 to 34 degrees celsius. Water temperature depends of current that comes from Patagonia, average is 20 degrees celsius. Average monthly rainfall is 84mm.